Mohammad Mokter Hossain
SEO Specialist

I’m Mohammad Mokter Hossain, a dedicated SEO expert passionate about delivering results-driven strategies that boost your online presence and drive organic traffic to your website.

About Me

Aims to increase visibility, traffic and sales.

100+ Working Experience By Mohammad Mokter Hossain.

I’m a professional SEO expert. I have been working in the SEO industry for several years. And from my experience I can tell you how important SEO is for every business expansion. From my experience I can say that doing site SEO will give you all the benefits. My SEO mission plays a vital role in increasing visibility, traffic and sales for your business. Here you can increase your business 3 times by optimizing SEO strategy. And I am Mokte Hossain will help you in this optimize strategy.

I specialize in crafting tailored SEO campaigns that align with your business goals and enhance your digital footprint.

How Mohammad Mokter Hossain is providing services.

I provide services primarily in the areas of consulting, coaching and mentorship.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on optimizing individual web pages to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more relevant traffic.


Link-building is an important aspect of SEO that involves acquiring your own hyperlinks from other websites that act like chains.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing stages that help search engines rank your site in search results.

Working Process By Mohammad Mokter Hossain

Mohammad Mokter Hossain is known for his expertise in digital marketing and SEO.

Client Consultation and Goal Setting→Website Audit and Analysis→Keyword Research→Strategy Development→On-Page SEO→Technical SEO→Link-Building→Implementation→Monitoring and Analysis→Optimization and Adjustment→Reporting.

Working Experience: 5+ Years

You want to grow your business through SEO. In that case, consulting with an experienced SEO professional who can develop strategies for your specific goals and market is often beneficial. And Mohammad Mokter Hossain is the perfect fit as a professional SEO expert.

SEO Specialist

As an SEO specialist at an ‘‘online SEO services company’’, my role was to help clients improve their online visibility and organic search rankings.

On-Page & Technical
SEO Consultant

As a link-building SEO consultant for SEOHubBD, my role is to increase website’s link profile and authority through effective and ethical link-building techniques.

SEO Expert

At Traffic Development at Best SEO BD, the strategic focus is to increase the quantity of organic traffic through SEO initiatives.

Traffic Development
SEO Manager

As a technical SEO expert I was tasked with finding and resolving technical errors in the site. And looking at On-page SEO as well.

Technical SEO Manager

I was tasked by a Digital Marketing Agency to build links from niche related sites and increase the authority of clients’ sites.

Link-Builder For SEO

SEO Case Study By Mohammad Mokter Hossain

Due to Google’s core update, SEO is currently having a huge impact and some of the work I have recently completed in line with this update has been successful.

What My Clients Says

Let’s hear how Mohammad Mokter Hossain was able to help clients achieve their goals.

Hi, Mohammad Mokter Hossain Thank you for turning my jewelry store around, you did a great job. Your plan reinvented me, I was able to make twice as many sales as before, it was really great!

Saleh AH.

I was having a very bad time and after talking to you I was confident. As you said, I think we are doing better than that. You did great for me! Your work has helped me grow my business as well as my organic audience.

Jenna Smith

You are helping me a lot in my goals. It was my need to set my organization apart from everyone else. Your service gave recognition and credibility to my new organization. Your skills are worth watching.

Arosh Iktedar

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SEO is a process that helps to grow business and get organic traffic to business or institutional sites. It has a lot of impact on bringing organic traffic to the business or institutional site.